An old-fashioned developer looking for new horizons, and keeping what is good (or at least nostalgic) from the past

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Iris classifier with KNN

Iris Classifier is a program that I'm developing to apply basic knowledge on Machine Learning. So I'm using a simple and widely used database called Iris for training and testing. Firstly the software used only MLP, now I implemented KNN, which is working very good. In this post I explain a little about how KNN is working in this base. Read More

Othello and AI exercises

In my Artificial Intelligence course, I'm getting a good notion on how to model the world to solve some hard problems, and decided to pratice it. From the four exercises, the Othello was the one that I find most challenging at this time of the course. So I decided to make it public for everyone who desires to take a look. Read More

Experimenting a Raspberry

This week I got a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B primarly for a Software Engineering class project, that is the one which I'll be working for the time. I'm planning to build a simple wheater station using some sensors, and upload that data to a server that will process that data to show reports. Read More

About me

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"Constant change is here to stay" - Rush, Digital Man

Getting it straight

I'm a Computer Engineering undergraduation student at Universidade Federal de Alagoas - Brazil. These are my current main development interests:

  • Physics (almost every branches)
  • Academic Projects
  • Music software
  • Hardware focused programming
  • Free and Open Source Software

Programming languages that I work the most:

  1. C++
  2. Java
  3. C (only in projects where it's better than C++)
  4. Verilog
  5. Javascript

Technologies that I'm using:

For the curious

I made this page focused in development and technologies, so I'll not describe a complete (which means life phylosophy, personal opinions, politics, arts) bio about me here. For a more personal approach I have another page accessed via


Websites and Proprietary Softwares

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Iris Classifier

An iris plant classification software based on Marchine Learning. It reads a Iris plant database and classificates entries based on some training in that database. It's currently working with MLP and KNN algoritms. My goal is that someone who is studying supervised learning could read or run this project and clarify the concepts as they are used in pratice.


Converts InkML files received from a Livescribe Smartpen's penlet to image and/or video. RAMOS Ink was build from a research in the Center of Excellence for Social Technologies (NEES). The application is part of a bigger software called RAMOS, which have a more complete set of features to aid researchers in Brazil to study writing processes in real-time.


Lexicanalytics offers a set of functionalities to help linguistics researchers with lexical studies, when they are manipulating and retrieving information from text data.



  • Federal University of Alagoas
  • Duration: 2017-ongoing
  • Role: IT Technician
  • Web Page


  • State University of Health Sciences of Alagoas
  • Duration: 2016-2017
  • Role: IT Technician - Support
  • Web Page


  • Center of Excellence for Social Technologies (Known as NEES)
  • Duration: 2012-2015
  • Role: PIBIC student (PIBIC is a brazilian program for undergraduation students designed to help them to start their academic life).
  • Web Page



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